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taking back sunday graphics galore
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This is a community for Taking Back Sunday lovers, and lovers of graphics. Post any pictures you edited or snazzed up, icons, banners, color bars, whatever graphics you wanna show off.

1)Intro posts are allowed, but don't be boring. [Hi my name is ____, and I love TBS..]. Tell us alittle more about yourself, post a pic..be creative
2)Don't be mean or disrespect other members
3)If you don't like someone's picture or icon, keep your opinion to yourself. Constructive criticism is allowed, but don't be too harsh
4)Don't join if you just want to make smark ass or sarcastic comments about Taking Back Sunday
5)If you constantly complain, you're out
6)Make sure all the pictures or icons are under a cut
7)Don't wRiTe Or TaLk LyKe DiS, it bugs everyone
8)Respect the mod and co-mod
9)If you take or use someone's picture, make sure you comment and tell them, we don't want any fights
10)Most posts should have some kind of graphic, text only posts that are useless will be deleted. Also, don't post news or gossip, there are other communities for that.

Taking Back Sunday is slightly depressing (but that's okay) Emo Love

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